Bjarki Þór Sólmundsson

Bjarki Þór Sólmundsson was born in the year 1984 in Reykjavík, Iceland. He has an education as a chef and visual artist. He is a pioneer who is interested in constantly developing his skills in all areas of life. He is interested in understanding the cycle of life. To be a part of a mechanism but understanding the whole. His strive is to understand the basics. What does one need for example to stay warm, nourished and to house oneself.

Bjarki has experience in working with groups of people of different cultures on various creative projects. He has great interest in inspiring people to work together, that each individual has a chance to offer their own abilities to whatever project is being worked on.

In many of Bjarki´s works the goal is to give the individual the possibility to become the artist.

His work calls for the audiences participation. The work becomes alive because of the viewer, without participation the work would not be. He creates the frame for the work to take place. A frame which often takes the form of a happening or intervention. This gives the platform for a collaboration between him and the participants.